Tailor-made! We will follow you every step of the way.

Our hallmark today is being able to offer a Tailor Made, Full Service Formula. We will follow you in every phase of the project: from the graphic design, to the in-house blowing of the primary packaging (you can choose the shape and colour), to the customisation of the pack with screen printing (up to 3 colours) or with a label, to the development of the formula designed to meet your marketing and market segment needs, to the production of the entire line with certified quality control of the raw materials and the entire production process, right up to the filling, the secondary packaging, and the packaging for shipment. A single supplier able to guarantee a zero-kilometre product.

Graphic and Marketing Office

A team of experts capable of dialoguing with customers’ communication offices to support each brand in the design and creation of original and functional graphics for both primary and secondary packaging, through to printing.

The graphics and marketing office has the task of creating and promoting the brand image, developing communication and marketing strategies aimed at enhancing the products and building customer loyalty.

In particular, the graphics and marketing office deals with the graphic design of products, the choice of materials and colours, and the definition of a coordinated image that is reflected in all the company’s communication channels.