About us


La Verde Vita was founded in 2004 with the aim of becoming the reference laboratory in Italy for the development and production of Bioecocosmetics in all fields of traditional cosmetics. In these twenty years, the company has developed strongly, accompanying the development of dozens of brands and commercial companies in Italy and around the world. We have developed by riding the ‘Green Revolution’ that has transformed modern cosmetics, mastering the use of the most modern raw materials born of green chemistry and synergising them with modern production and development techniques.

The new production site in Calcinaia in the province of Pisa of 10,000 m2, inaugurated in January 2020, has allowed us to achieve a considerable production and goods storage capacity and to differentiate many production departments, which work in synergy to offer the customer certain and fast deadlines to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding, fast-paced, dynamic market. Our main activity is as a contract manufacturer for sectors ranging from professional hair care, perfumery, large-scale retail trade, professional beauty, pharmacy and herbal medicine.

The entire company is energy independent, thanks to the photovoltaic system that gives us energy self-sufficiency in the months from March to October, the electricity supply contract with only renewable energy, modern systems based on heat pumps and 100% LED lighting.

Our most frequent customer is the medium/large commercial company. Despite the great flexibility that has always characterised us, the minimum production quantity cannot be less than 1,000 pieces per reference.

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Our hallmark today is being able to offer a Tailor Made, Full Service Formula. We will follow you in every phase of the project: from the graphic design, to the in-house blowing of the primary packaging (you can choose the shape and colour), to the customisation of the pack with screen printing (up to 3 colours) or with a label, to the development of the formula designed to meet your marketing and market segment needs, to the production of the entire line with certified quality control of the raw materials and the entire production process, right up to the filling, the secondary packaging, and the packaging for shipment. A single supplier able to guarantee a zero-kilometre product.


CEO La Verde Vita
The Tailor Made Future
of the cosmetics industry